The Multi-Talented are the Future of Work

From reading articles about the future of work, it is becoming increasingly clear that multi-talented, multi-passionate people (multipotentialites) will be the workers of the future. Most recently, I listened to a radio programme with business & workplace author and futurist Alexandra Levit about the future of work. From a multipotentialite perspective, the points that stood out were

Multipotentialites Pathfinding

Create Space

Create Space

Thanks to Marie Kondo and a general trend for simplifying your life, decluttering has become a buzzword. Working on myself and with my clients over the last few years has confirmed for me that creating space is a vital first step in the process of finding out what you want to do. In order to change your life, you need a “Space2Change” (boom, boom!). 

If you feel stuck because you have been putting the needs of others before your own for so long that you don’t know anymore what you want yourself, you need to create a space in which to find yourself. This can be a whole room if that’s available to you or even a desk that is just for you. You need to create a blank canvas on which you can paint your dreams.

I know that some creatives thrive on clutter, but it is usually their own - little things they have picked up here and there that inspire them. And if your desk or space ends up being cluttered in this way, that is fine! Once the clutter reflects your own interests and dreams. And if you get stuck again - you know what to do first!

Decluttering helps people who are overwhelmed with choice or never had the freedom to decide what they wanted to do. When you declutter, you are getting rid of all the things that are no longer important to you, so the things that are important to you can be noticed. You will get a clearer picture of what it is you want in your life and what you don’t. On an energy level, all the things you surround yourself with take energy from you. When you get rid of things, you also free up more energy, especially creative energy. And decluttering will give you a sense of success - you have achieved something even if it is just tidying up one drawer. In turn, this feeling of achievement will motivate you to take action. So, even if decluttering might sound like a great way of procrastinating, it is actually a way of getting you out of procrastination and into action. Because decluttering is taking action.


What Makes a Multipotentialite?

Walt Whitman Quote Scanners Space2change

Space2change - the home for pathseekers, career changers and multipotentialites.

Positive Identifiers for Multipods


According to Anne Heintze, there are approximately 10% scanners in the world. So, how do you know you are one? Let’s start with the positive things:

  • You have multiple (unrelated) interests and you want to follow them all NOW. 
  • You need variety in your life. 
  • Once you have mastered a skill, solved a problem, understood how something works, you become bored and you might never do it ever again.
  • You love learning new things and are forever booking new courses or signing up to webinars, hence you love being in bookstores and libraries.
  • You have taught yourself a lot of your skills or learned them by doing without formal training or certificates.
  • You love solving problems.
  • You see connections between apparently unrelated subjects.
  • You have plenty of unfinished projects lying around in your house (or on your computer) that you still want to complete one day. 
  • A lot of us are highly intelligent and sensitive.
  • And the one I usually find most telling is when you learn about multipotentialites and experience the relief of finding out that there is nothing wrong with you, but that your brain is just wired differently and that being the way you are is actually a “thing”.

Negative Identifiers for Multipotentialites

Negative Identifiers for Multipotentialites

Negative Identifiers for Multipods

You can also identify yourself as a scanner through your negative feelings. Below are how many scanners feel like in their lives:

  • Envy for others who have always known what they wanted to do/be in life.
  • Always trying to look for that one purpose in life to make you happy.
  • Feeling down because you are a jack/jane-of-all-trades, master of none.
  • Feeling the pressure of other people's expectations of staying in a career where you are successful.
  • Feeling judged by others because you never stick to anything.
  • Feeling like something is wrong with you.
  • Feel like you are sabotaging yourself.
  • You dread the question, "What do you do?"
  • You are afraid of being trapped in a job for life.
  • You feel like you are lazy, shallow, lack character.

Does any of the above ring true for you? Unfortunately, we tend to identify ourselves more through the pain points than the positive ones. I hope this has helped you clarify if you are a scanner. I would love to know what you identify with. Just leave a reply in the comment section below.

How do I know if I am a multipotentialite?

How do I know if I am a multipotentialite?

Well, chances are that if you hear about what multipotentialites are and experience a big relief and the feeling that finally you have found what is “wrong” with you, you are one. A lot of us have spent their lives feeling that there is something wrong with us because we cannot settle on just one thing, career, field. And we have dreaded the question of either “What do you want to do?” or “What do you do?” because we don’t have a simple socially acceptable answer to this.

Another sign can be that you get easily bored and that the boredom feels incredibly painful to you. For me, it feels like I want to jump out of my skin. We also love learning. That is our superpower. We know how to learn as we constantly explore new interests and acquire new skills.

There are many different types of multipotentialites. Probably as many as there are names for us like scanners, Renaissance men or women, multipassionate and the list goes on and on. Some of us constantly change businesses or careers, some have a certain set of interests that they come back to in cycles, and again others juggle 3 or more projects at the same time. There are also certain professions that are ideal for multipotentialites like journalist because it gives them the opportunity to delve into ever new subjects.

So, did you find yourself in this brief description of multipotentialites? Then I welcome you to the wonderful world of scanners. To find out more you can delve into the work of Barbara Sher or Emily Wapnick. Or you can contact me if you want one-to-one help in finding out what your version of a multipod life should be. I know what it is like to feel paralysed by too many choices and the pressure and lack of understanding from your environment. Let me help you to discover what works for you and what you want to explore next.



Barbara Sher Success Teams Career Change Multipotentialites Pathfinding

Registration for Barbara Sher Success Team Dublin Now Open

Barbara Sher Success Team starting soon in Dublin!

Barbara Sher Success Team starting soon in Dublin!




(even if you have no goals,

no character, and you’re often in a lousy mood)

Have you always wanted a career in television? A house by the sea? Your own horse? A terrific partner?

We’re starting a SUCCESS TEAM to help you get what you want.

I can't thank Maite enough for building such an amazing Success Team. I really feel like we've become a team who supports each other and achieve our goals. I can without a doubt say that I would have NOT achieved one of the goals that I had dreamed about for a long long time without the support and encouragement of the team. I can't believe I have achieved it!

Aine Teahan

It takes more than desire to make a wish come true. It needs ongoing, sustained effort over an extended period of time. It needs support and encouragement when times get tough, and there are inevitable interruptions, setbacks, and fears that are part of every journey to the top.

The Success Team will do this for you in only 8 weeks! You'll begin the process of finding and pinpointing your goal, overcome your obstacles, create strategies and map out a plan of action. You'll turn your plans into a schedule, report in on any goal-directed actions every week and brainstorm any obstacles.

I didn’t really know anybody in the team and that made it all even more interesting. We talked about goals, and dreams (big and small) and obstacles, and before we knew it we had become a team ready to help each other succeed. Maite was excellent at structuring the meetings and making sure every person contributed equally to the process. Personally, it made an amazing and interesting journey. While some team members knew exactly what they wanted, I simply wasn’t so sure. I started a discovery process that gave me focus and momentum. Months later I am still as strong and I feel I now have the tools to work on other goals (not only for work, but for anything at all!) and also to helping other people succeed too.
Ana Dorado

This is how the Success Team will run:

  • We meet for 8 weeks for 2 hours each week.

  • The team will help you find your dream or develop an action plan to achieve your goal. It will also provide support, ideas and contacts to follow up.

  • Between meetings you will be given assignments to complete.

I would love to welcome you in your very own Success Team and help you find and make your dream come true! 

Registration is Now Open

Only 4 Spaces Available. Registration closes Monday, 26th September 2016.

Career Change Multipotentialites Pathfinding

Dream Career or just a Hobby?

Hopefully by now you have an idea of your dream job or business. Now I want to make sure that you indeed love what you want to do. So, the next thing is to test your dream against reality. A lot of people find themselves in their dream career, only to realise that it is not what they thought. I know several people who became yoga teachers and belatedly realised that practising it full-time took all the fun out of it. Opening a scuba-diving school in Thailand might seem like an endless holiday, but it is very hard work and will leave you only little time to enjoy the sun and beach yourself. Beware of escape fantasies you have when you hate your job.

So, how can you test your dream? There are two ways:

Multipotentialites Pathfinding

Are you a Scanner?

There are many words for this phenomenon: scanner, multipotentialite, Renaissance Soul, polymath… Scanner is a term that American Life Coach, author and of course scanner, Barbara Sher came up with decades ago when she noticed a peculiar behaviour in a lot of her clients. They didn’t know what to do because they had too many interests to choose from!

Does that sound familiar? Here are some more common traits that scanners experience:

Career Change Multipotentialites Pathfinding

You are not stupid, lazy or a coward!

Having trouble figuring out what you want to do?


Every time you ask yourself “What do I want to do?” you draw a blank. Or you think of 101 different things you could do and each of them looks equally enticing. The more you think about it or try to choose the more frustrated and stuck you get. And instead of moving forward with your life you are paralysed.


Sound familiar? That’s how I felt for long periods of my life. And here is the good news: There is nothing wrong with you. You are not stupid, lazy or a coward because you haven’t found or pursued the passion(s) of your life. Here are some of the reasons why you can’t figure out what you want to do.


Career Change Multipotentialites

The Good Enough Job


A solution for scanners and a transition for career changers can be the Good Enough Job. This is a job that doesn’t stress you or bore you to tears, but gives you the money and time to do the things you really want to do without having to worry how you are going to pay the next bill.

Career Change Multipotentialites

Keep Learning

In our modern society hardly any jobs will be for life anymore. It is very likely that you will have to change companies or even careers sooner or later. You might also have to work longer until retirement and update your skills continually to stay attractive to prospective employers. So make life-long learning a habit now.


For the multipotentialites amongst you this is the easy part as you very probably love learning and trying new things. You also thrive on change because it gives you the variety you crave.