Career Change Multipotentialites

The Good Enough Job


A solution for scanners and a transition for career changers can be the Good Enough Job. This is a job that doesn’t stress you or bore you to tears, but gives you the money and time to do the things you really want to do without having to worry how you are going to pay the next bill.

This solution can work particularly well for scanners or multipotentialites who want to do everything and have a hard time turning their interests into an income. The Good Enough Job covers your basic living expenses and gives you time and freedom to pursue your many interests in your spare time. And maybe some of your interests can even provide you with additional income streams.


For people who are thinking about a career change this can also be a good temporary solution. The Good Enough Job allows you to dip your toe into your new dream career without financial risk. You can start volunteering or interning in your dream career in the evenings and on the weekends or maybe for a day during the week if you can go part-time. Always test your dream job/career/business first before you make the jump because reality does not always match your fantasies.


Take another look at the job you are in. Does it change your perception of this job if you were to start doing what you really want in your spare time? Would your current job qualify as a Good Enough Job if it doesn’t prevent you from fulfilling your dreams anymore?


So think about if you really need to change careers/jobs straight away or if you can turn your current position into the Good Enough Job and make your dreams come true around it. You always have time to spend on your dream even if it is only an hour a day. Start using that hour now to bring your dream into your life now!

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