Career Change Multipotentialites

Keep Learning

In our modern society hardly any jobs will be for life anymore. It is very likely that you will have to change companies or even careers sooner or later. You might also have to work longer until retirement and update your skills continually to stay attractive to prospective employers. So make life-long learning a habit now.


For the multipotentialites amongst you this is the easy part as you very probably love learning and trying new things. You also thrive on change because it gives you the variety you crave.

Continuous learning helps you to deal with change and without fear. Learning means you have to start by being bad at something or know nothing – much like starting in a new workplace. But the more you put yourself in that place, the easier it will become because you know you will get better.


So, what have you learned so far? If you are thinking about a career change, then consider your various skills. I never had any trouble changing careers by using the skills I had at that time. They are called transferable skills e.g. marketing, customer service/communication skills, accounting, event management etc. Sometimes you don’t need to jump, it just might need a side step to get you into a new direction.

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