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Love, Rock, Need

It took me several years and many exercises to figure out what I wanted to do. I now want to share with you a few exercises that have worked for me. Have you tried the Day in Heaven exercise yet? Congratulations if you got a full picture of your life from it. If not, here is another exercise for you.

Love, Rock, Needed

If you are seriously embarking on the pathfinding quest, start a journal where you keep all the clues you find and exercises that you do. You will accumulate a treasure trove that you can come back to if you get lost again.

For today’s exercise which I learnt from the fabulous Pace Smith, you write three lists:

  1. What do you love doing?
  2. What do you rock? What are you good at?
  3. What do you need to feel good?

The answers can include anything and everything, the longer the better. For example, answers to question 1 can include eating ice cream or sleeping if you are so inclined. You are trying to get a good broad picture of what makes you happy.

For question 2 feel free to also ask your friends, family, colleagues or even customers depending on your relationship with them. You might be surprised at their answers. Sometimes, things that come easy to us fill other people with awe because they can’t do them. Write everything down others tell you without judging or rejecting it. These are all important clues for you.

Question 3 deals with your perfect living and working conditions. There might be overlap with question 1, but that is ok.

Look at each list. Can you see any common themes? You are trying to discover the patterns that make you happy. Even if you just come up with a very general answer at least you have found a direction that you can explore further. 

Now look at all three lists. Which words or concepts appear in all three? These are at the heart of what you want. If they already give you a clear picture of what your life should be like, brilliant! If not, keep exploring them further to get closer to finding your dream.

I would love to hear from you if this exercise was of any help. If you are still lost, I am here to help. You can book yourself in with me for a FREE 20-minute pathfinding session.


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