I can’t do what I want to do BECAUSE…

Once you start exploring what you really want to do with your life, resistance will raise its ugly head. You will come up with 1001 excuses of why you cannot do what you want. How do you deal with that?

First you should know that the resistance or the little voice in your head are only there to protect you. If you start taking action on what your heart desires, the possibility of failing is way scarier because you care so much. So, your little voice is just trying to protect you from disappointment and worse. With that in mind, be grateful that it is there because it also prevents you from rushing into things without thinking them through or doing something stupid.

Now look at all the obstacles you perceive with a bit more distance. Find out where they are coming from. Did you hear them as a child or young adult from somebody (your parents, teachers etc.)? That means they are not YOUR concerns, you just internalised them. This is true for fears (I won’t be financially safe if I X) as well as beliefs about yourself (I am too stupid to do X). And if you realise that they are external fears or beliefs, can you see that they are not true for you, but just reflect somebody else’s fears or issues? This realisation can take all the power out of your resistance and cure you from procrastination.

The importance of your cultural background
How your cultural background influences your beliefs

Sometimes the obstacles are deeply ingrained in us through our cultural backgrounds. Germans for example grow up with a cultural pressure of having to succeed, having to be perfect, whereas Irish live in the expectation of failure or sometimes punishment if they succeed. Of course these are very general terms that do not apply to everybody, but think about what kind of culture and mentality you are coming from and it might give you some more clues about your resistance. Every nation is formed by their unique history and beliefs and it does influence your own belief system.

As an exercise, write down all your beliefs about yourself, work and money and see what you come up with. If you run out of ideas, set your timer to another two minutes and see if you can come up with more. Then look at what you have written. Are these your beliefs?

If you want to really get behind what is stopping you from doing what you want, coaching can be a powerful process. A lot of my clients have discovered blocks and limiting beliefs they were not aware of during our sessions. In some cases, becoming aware of a block transformed their lives and businesses. What obstacles are preventing you from living your dream? Find out by booking yourself in for a FREE 20-minute Pathfinding call with me.

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