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I don’t have the Qualifications

I don’t have the Qualifications


Last week we dealt with the limiting belief of I am too Old. This week I will talk about another common belief that frequently blocks my clients – I don’t have the qualifications.

I had qualifications for my first job, but in my job as project manager for a translation agency, I received no training. Having parents who worked as translators and being able to speak a few languages were my only experience in this field. My transferable skills and my feeling for languages was way more important. For my make-up career I did a three-month course and then was trained on the job. The skills and experience I gained in my various careers were what got me most of my jobs and not any extra qualifications or job-specific skills.


Like with all beliefs about yourself, try and look at it objectively. Are there alternative ways to start your chosen career or business without a qualification? Explore every option available to you. For some careers especially in science, medicine and law a longer qualification is necessary, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot start working in any of those fields with the skills or qualifications you already have.

To figure out how to get your dream job or start your dream business without studying for years try this step-by-step approach:

  • Find out what exactly interests you about your dream career or business – which are the elements or activities you love?
  • Research what kind of qualification or skills you need to have for the above elements or doing what you love.
  • Talk to people who work in that field and ask them how they got started or how you could get a foot in the door.

What did you find out? To get you thinking outside of the box, here are some ways you can start do what you love without extra qualifications:

  • Internships
  • Learn on the job
  • Study while you work
  • Assisting – especially in the film and photography business people often start as assistants which is a great way to learn
  • Look for courses or online up-skilling

Did this spark more ideas? What are other ways to get your dream job or start your dream business without a lot of time or money investment?


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