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Registration for Barbara Sher Success Team Dublin Now Open

Barbara Sher Success Team starting soon in Dublin!

Barbara Sher Success Team starting soon in Dublin!




(even if you have no goals,

no character, and you’re often in a lousy mood)

Have you always wanted a career in television? A house by the sea? Your own horse? A terrific partner?

We’re starting a SUCCESS TEAM to help you get what you want.

I can't thank Maite enough for building such an amazing Success Team. I really feel like we've become a team who supports each other and achieve our goals. I can without a doubt say that I would have NOT achieved one of the goals that I had dreamed about for a long long time without the support and encouragement of the team. I can't believe I have achieved it!
Aine Teahan

It takes more than desire to make a wish come true. It needs ongoing, sustained effort over an extended period of time. It needs support and encouragement when times get tough, and there are inevitable interruptions, setbacks, and fears that are part of every journey to the top.

The Success Team will do this for you in only 8 weeks! You'll begin the process of finding and pinpointing your goal, overcome your obstacles, create strategies and map out a plan of action. You'll turn your plans into a schedule, report in on any goal-directed actions every week and brainstorm any obstacles.

I didn’t really know anybody in the team and that made it all even more interesting. We talked about goals, and dreams (big and small) and obstacles, and before we knew it we had become a team ready to help each other succeed. Maite was excellent at structuring the meetings and making sure every person contributed equally to the process. Personally, it made an amazing and interesting journey. While some team members knew exactly what they wanted, I simply wasn’t so sure. I started a discovery process that gave me focus and momentum. Months later I am still as strong and I feel I now have the tools to work on other goals (not only for work, but for anything at all!) and also to helping other people succeed too.
Ana Dorado

This is how the Success Team will run:

  • We meet for 8 weeks for 2 hours each week.

  • The team will help you find your dream or develop an action plan to achieve your goal. It will also provide support, ideas and contacts to follow up.

  • Between meetings you will be given assignments to complete.

I would love to welcome you in your very own Success Team and help you find and make your dream come true! 

Registration is Now Open

Only 4 Spaces Available. Registration closes Monday, 26th September 2016.