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Create Space

Create Space

Thanks to Marie Kondo and a general trend for simplifying your life, decluttering has become a buzzword. Working on myself and with my clients over the last few years has confirmed for me that creating space is a vital first step in the process of finding out what you want to do. In order to change your life, you need a “Space2Change” (boom, boom!). 

If you feel stuck because you have been putting the needs of others before your own for so long that you don’t know anymore what you want yourself, you need to create a space in which to find yourself. This can be a whole room if that’s available to you or even a desk that is just for you. You need to create a blank canvas on which you can paint your dreams.

I know that some creatives thrive on clutter, but it is usually their own – little things they have picked up here and there that inspire them. And if your desk or space ends up being cluttered in this way, that is fine! Once the clutter reflects your own interests and dreams. And if you get stuck again – you know what to do first!

Decluttering helps people who are overwhelmed with choice or never had the freedom to decide what they wanted to do. When you declutter, you are getting rid of all the things that are no longer important to you, so the things that are important to you can be noticed. You will get a clearer picture of what it is you want in your life and what you don’t. On an energy level, all the things you surround yourself with take energy from you. When you get rid of things, you also free up more energy, especially creative energy. And decluttering will give you a sense of success – you have achieved something even if it is just tidying up one drawer. In turn, this feeling of achievement will motivate you to take action. So, even if decluttering might sound like a great way of procrastinating, it is actually a way of getting you out of procrastination and into action. Because decluttering is taking action.

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